I am happy to learn that Beltek Inc. is organizing the premier of the film Mother Teresa. I learn that the film would be promoting the theme of 'Unconditional Love for World Peace'.
The mention of Mother Teresa's name always brings to mind the picture of a frail woman in a white saree offering love, compassion for humanity knew no geographical boundaries. Starting with no resources, Mother Teresa had created an international network of institutions to serve the destitute, the handicapped, the orphaned and the dying.
She was like a mother-figure for all Indians. Our country recognized her dedicated service by conferring on her the highest Indian civilian award the 'Bharat Ratna'. The world's recognition came by way of the Nobel Prize for peace. The best tribute we can pay to her, however, is to dedicate ourselves to the service of those in need of love and compassion.
I am confident that the film would help in promoting Mother Teresa's message of peace and understanding around the world.

Ambassador of India to Japan

 インド国民にとってマザー・テレサは、母の様な存在です。その献身を尊び、インドの最高級市民に授与される「バラット ラトナ」賞を贈られました。ノーベル平和賞も授与されております。しかしながら、我々のできるマザーへの最高の報恩は、私達自身がマザーの志を引き継いで、人々に愛と思いやりを与えてゆくことではないでしょうか。